Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Food Packaging

For this job, (done for my friend and client John at World Gourmet Marketing), I was given a jpg image (the little one). and asked to duplicate it with my own special light (the bigger one). The product is Apple Cinnamon flavor, so my color is correct. I was given a case of product and sorted through to find the best crackers. I then shot images of 81 different crackers at different angles in raw. I balanced the color and exported each image to tif and then stripped them out and saved them as 81 psd files. We shoot raw because it is a camera's un-tampered pure file and allows us to use programs like Photoshop's Camera Raw processor to make little corrections to reach perfection for our clients. After I had the final psd files I blew up John's original jpg file to 300dpi (I didn't care what it looked like) and used that as a background layer. It was relatively easy then to just pick my files and move them in layers over the original in the background until my crackers replaced all of the originals. Finally, I made shadows below the crackers that needed them and I ended up with a final file that made John happy. I'm going to drop the job off today and pick up another one. It's cookies next! This job is still fun.