Saturday, October 17, 2020

Slight changes because of Covid

I have been basically a food shooter since 1988. Over those years I have worked with all of the best food stylists in the NYC metro area. Only very occasionally have I been asked to be the photographer and food stylist. Well, Arla Brands asked me to shoot in my studio and send then jpgs and do the food styling. I can do this because I have seen my own stylists do it so many times. I don't know all of the tricks and I take much longer but it all worked well. It took me three days to prop and food shop, food style and shoot six main images. To just shoot would have been only one day. I began by shopping for both props (most from my own prop shelves) and the food needed. I had to shop 2 more times as I would realize that I had not gotten something (a real food stylist never has to do that). Food like toasted cheese sandwiches are tough but I got a nice cheese pull and think things look great. So were it not for covid I would have worked one day and instead I got to be a food stylist and shoot for three. Yea!