Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bringing the past around again

Back in the mid 1970's, as I was trying to leverage my feeble relationship with Eileen Ford into a fashion photographer's career, I had a style that involved underexposing film by over 3 stops and then pushing the processing the same amount. I did this with 3000 ASA (ISO) police recording film for black & white, and Ectachrome 200 for color. The resulting film was so contrasty that I had to shoot with a #4 Tiffen fog filter. The result was an image that was basically of normal contrast but super chunky grainy with puffed out highlights. I have fashion and beauty images still from that era. My engagement to Barb (we are still together) made me end pursuing my career in fashion (since I had never seen a faithful fashion photographer) but now, over 30 years later I am trying to replicate that style digitally. I'll keep posting them as a find some that I like.