Monday, February 28, 2011

Been busy

Life isn't as busy as it was maybe three years ago but this year so far has been far busier than last year. I spent 2 full days shooting cheese for
Arthur Schuman. Beyond that I have been retouching others images for my clients. Morgan Design has kept me busy at night retouching images from stock companies. I strip parts, add them to others and end up with what Clint (my client) wants. He sends me an InDesign file with the parts all together and notes as to what he wants. I can just export the .indd file as a pdf and add it as a layer to my .psd files. It all makes things go very quickly. I just strip things, clean them up, assemble them and send them out via ftp. It has kept me pretty busy and nicely filled in spaces between my own shoots. It's so important to know Photoshop. It helps to keep everything busy and earning money. There you go. It's still nothing but fun!