Monday, January 18, 2010

Why I love Shooting Food Packaging

I've been shooting food packaging for many years now. These boxes are my latest example from the Sensible Portions company. I worked with an art director friend who is a principal at One Flight Up Design. There are images on 2 or three sides of the packages and I think they look great. Now here is why I love shooting food packaging: I need to shoot a couple days per week to live comfortably. That means that I need clients who require original images. In the world of art directors with digital cameras and the ever lower cost of stock photography, we who make our livings from photography need to find clients who need a continual supply of original images. Food packaging fills that need for me. Since food packaging represents a companies "in the home" advertising, a renewed packaging version becomes a new advertisement for a company. Therefore food companies re-do their packaging on a regular basis and I get to shoot often. Add to that the satisfaction of shooting beautiful images that help a company grow and you have a win - win situation. Repeat business, good money and constant work = one happy photographer and that's why I love shooting food packaging! By the way, when you shoot food, you get to eat the yummy food. My current favorite is the Sensible Portions Apple Straws!