Tuesday, February 23, 2010


This was a very long day....
In the end we had 137 final images but we shot a lot more than that. This job took one full day to shoot (on location at the Baker's Perfection offices) and then an additional 2-1/2 days to strip out and retouch. In the end, I think all of the finals look great. I try to light these desserts with an optical spot for a hard kick coming from the back side and then a front light that I either bounce off the ceiling or the wall depending upon how much contrast and direction I feel I need from the main light. Since my Fuji won't tether to CaptureOne Pro, I use Fuji's Studio Utility® software to tether the files to a folder on the computer as I shoot and then Adobe Lightroom® to watch the folder and display them large on the screen. It's not as fast as CaptureOne but it works pretty well. I backed all of the files to a 250GB external drive as I shot and made a quick flash website in Lightroom® for the client once I had selected the finals.
So there you go: to do this job I needed to know Fuji's Studio Utility®, Adobe Lightroom® and Adobe Photoshop®. That's what it takes to be food photographer today. Tomorrow afternoon we leave for Pennsylvania for a pharmaceutical shoot. I guess I'll write about that in the other blog. See you then. Remember: this is supposed to be fun!