Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My favorite client

My favorite client is absolutely Arthur Schuman Cheese Importers. I have so much fun shooting with Melissa Shore and the best food stylist in the world Marie Haycox. Here are some images from our last 3 day shoot.
Split Image studios is my favorite  rental in New Jersey. John Campos who runs it is a very busy photographer but always makes sure that my clients and I are well cared for. 
Melissa on shoot days becomes art director, prop stylist and client all while answering a never ending stream of emergency emails yet always with a smile!
Ah, my beloved Nikon D700 with it's full frame chip (giant 8.42mu pixels), super sharp 40 year old 55 macro lens and dependable Pocket Wizard.
This job involved shooting recipes for kids. You can see the tables covered in kiddy-type props one of which was a kaleidoscope. So I stuck it on my lens and shot.
Marie Haycox in the kitchen.
Marie Haycox on the set. 
You can also see my optical spot with a small bush to break up the light hitting the set.
Melissa and Deb picking props.
So that it. Three days of hard work and fun with one killer team. Melissa, Marie and Bill. 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sneaky Pete

This one is very cool. Sneaky Pete's Beverage contains Heart Healthy Oat Bran but you'd never know it. It's just a yummy drink. I did these shots for my friend John Moran who now lives and works in Florida. It's great when clients become friends. It just makes the work all that much the more fun...