Friday, May 30, 2014

Another new client (yea!)

Here comes another new client: Panos Brands. It brings to mind the thought that any money made with a camera is wonderful. What I mean by that is that while this is a food company, these are not exactly food shots. No fancy light, no food stylist, no props. No, they were a lot of product shots to be lit, stripped, retouched and assembled into groups. It's working well so far. You never know where a client like this will end up. My cheese client began with shooting product shots but now we do many beautiful recipe images. 
While this is a new company for me, the woman I am working with is someone I have known. That is why it's good to shoot for friends because you never know where they will work next.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

New Clients!

2014 so far is one strange year! My favorite beloved clients have been pretty slow. What is saving me is that I have new clients! You all have to know that I don't actively promote Bill Truran Productions. I have always depended upon my clients loving me and my work enough to keep me busy. Each of these new clients came as a result of a recommendation from one of my normal clients. It's a good thing. I know that every freelance person is having a rough time in this economy. I spent 4 days shooting for Daisy's Bakery. They had a very bad experience with a different photographer (he sprayed baked goods with water). Well, we had 4 great days and shot a lot of products. Let me tell you, the stuff is absolutely yummy! Hey, new clients... who expected that?