Monday, June 1, 2020

My first job for Nabisco

I can still recall the first image I ever did for Nabisco. I was handed a big box of products and told to shoot them as one image. I put up a 9' roll of brown seamless and began piling the products. I used anything I could find to hold up the ones in the back. I figured that this was a test to see how I would do. Well, they must have liked what I did because this image appeared on the back of Nabisco's calendar for 1990. Now here is the strange part. People who know me know that I shouldn't  be handed a razor blade. Sure enough, after I was almost done I was cutting something, and myself, so if you click on the image above to enlarge it you will see a drop of my blood in the lower right edge of the seamless. I never said anything, shot 6 sheets of 8X10 film and that was that. When I saw the calendar, right there on the back cover was my shot... and my drop of blood right there in the corner. Today I would have just cloned the blood off the image but this was 5 years before I began to go digital.