Wednesday, August 4, 2021

That's How We Roll


Well, I got a call from a new client and then an email from a client/friend Scott saying that I might get a call from a new client. That's why it's great to have friends in the business. I only charged this client one day rate because they are new to me and because if I was going to be doing the food styling, I thought it might take me a little longer to do it. Still, it only took me about a day to shoot. These crackers are graham, dipped in chocolate and stuffed with bits of marsh mallow! Like a smore in a cracker. Still we made smores with two crackers (chocolate facing in) and a marshmallow fired up and squashed in between. I sent them a shot (as requested) with my hand holding a full smore and asked them if they wanted me to book a hand. They said they liked my hand if I could get rid of the 67 year old hair so I did the retouching I do to model's faces on my hand and they loved it. By the way, these crackers are yummy! 

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

The only contant is change

So I was hired to shoot packaging images for Panos Brands. This time it was yummy little crackers filled with nuts and fruit. 
I got a call about a month after shooting the job from Marty (the boss) who wanted to make sure I got paid for the job. I told him that I had and said good-by. Then I thought hummm that was a little strange so I called him back and asked what's up? He told me that their co-packers were having a terrible time making the product and it was put on hold. He just wanted to make sure that I had gotten paid for the work I did. It really is a shame because the crackers were yummy. I won't get package flats until it goes to press either. I shot these at their offices and was required to wear a mask. Ugh! Most clients send me products to shoot so this was the first time since the Covid mess that I was on location. It was a whole new experience.