Thursday, October 20, 2016


Susan and Sophia: Two wonderful humans both creative and friendly that make working with them a joy.
The reason I love this job is because of people just like this. The work may be long but it's always fun when the clients are great people. Almost all of my clients have become friends, so often my work involves playing with friends... as long as the work gets done and everyone is satisfied in the end, it's a great way to make a living.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

I was very spoiled at Nabisco

I worked as a photographer for Nabisco in Parsippany NJ from 1989-2000 (Kraft bought us then and I worked there until 2004). This is an image of my studio within the corporate offices. You have to realize that the rule everyone followed was: no personal images within your cube. Looking back, I think I did everything I could to see if I could piss off the bosses but I never could. I grew a pony tail for a while, wore cowboy boots every day and covered every square inch of wall with images. I never heard a word from anyone... until Kraft bought us. While Nabisco was a wonderful creative company, Kraft was a process driven machine. All this fun went away when Kraft moved us to the main building and put the hammer down. Those were 10 great years and we all had nothing but fun.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Black Garlic

I never expected to get a call from my friend at Finlandia but here it came and with it was 2 days of pretty food shots. Some were icon in-sets like the one above but others were for the website. I chose to show this one because I have been shooting food for many years but this is the first time I have seen Black Garlic. The pieces of garlic look like charcoal but they seem to work wonders in recipes or as in the case here, mixed into a soft cheese. I guess there is always something new to learn... 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

It's great to be loved

My former beloved client Melissa moved companies. I was a tiny bit concerned that maybe I could lose her. She assured me that she was talking me up but who knows what a new company might think?
Well, they must trust her because last week I got an email (from someone I didn't know) and it was from her new company! Yea! That email resulted in 1 1/2 days of new work. I carefully sent image pdf's to the Art Director as I shot. I carefully explained the Photoshop work that I would be doing and finally, carefully explained the download procedure for my server. It's great to land a new client and this one seems great!