Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Photoshop to the rescue

As a current full-time commercial photographer and an adjunct university photography professor, I always tell my students that Adobe Photoshop is a super important part of our photo arsenal. This recent image is an example. I was hired to shoot a salad for a cheese client. I was directed to use multi-colored lettuce, as well as tomatoes, croutons and oh-yes cheese.
I shot two different examples and sent them to my client to pass on for approval. Low and behold, the client says they are looking for an all green salad because the red lettuce looks like "olives". Well, I set everything up again and shot 2 more salads, this time with all green lettuce. Just to see if I could, I also selected the red lettuce in one of the first shots and changed them to green. Now the client had three choices and guess what? They chose the retouched salad. Like I said, Photoshop to the rescue!