Saturday, April 7, 2012

4 days in heaven

This is the studio I rented for my 4 day shoot with Arthur Schuman Inc. We were shooting recipes for their new Cello website. Most of the images were captured with one Optical Spot and one head with a large reflector off the ceiling.
A few images (mostly pasta dishes) were lit with a medium bank kept far away for better contrast.
These next three images are of Marie Haycox. She is one great food stylist and one third of the team that made these three days so heavenly.
Marie works for all of the NYC television studios as well. Don't think that those famous chefs and actors making their favorite dishes really are... It's usually Marie!
Ummmm, Mascarpone cheese in desserts!
This smiling girl is Melissa Shore. I would tell you what she does but it would take too long (she does so much). She's the art director, prop buyer & stylist, final decision maker and so much more. 
Here are a couple of images from this shoot. You can see how the hard light from the optical spots bring a little snap to the food. Yum!

So there it is. 4 days of fun making art for commerce. Money with a camera. There is no better way.