Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pretty Cheese

Once again it is wonderful to have clients that come back to you time after time. That is really the only way to stay in business. These two shots were images for packaging for the Arthur Schuman cheese company. For this company I am often the food stylist as well as the photographer as I was for these shots. After so many years of shooting food for different companies, It just takes a little courage to go ahead and try styling the food. My favorite stylist Alyssa Alia is usually booked when I need her. I would always prefer that we let her do the food and let me control the focus and light but when we can't I am happy to step in. I think these shots are yummy and help make you hungry. That's always my goal in food packaging. So thanks Melissa, this job was fun to do!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Somebodies watching over me

I have a good friend who just lost almost half his billings because one of his clients was bought by a private Japanese company who needs no annual report. This is a typical situation I have seen in my last 2 recessions. Companies buy companies and the artist is often the loser. Having just learned about my friend, I was informed that one of my favorite clients had just been bought by another company as well! I was all set to see a huge chunk of my income go away when I got a call from said client and was booked for a job! Wow! That was close. The company I just shot for was Sensible Portions. I have written about them before. I just love them. They have been bought by Hain-Celestial. Hain-Celestial is one great company. The owner seeks out healthy companies, buys them and leaves them alone to do what they do best. Trust me: a company like that is very rare. If my year turns around I may just have to buy stock in this rare, awesome company. It's always better to work for nice people. I'm thankful Sensible Portions is still a client.