Saturday, July 17, 2010

Somebodies watching over me

I have a good friend who just lost almost half his billings because one of his clients was bought by a private Japanese company who needs no annual report. This is a typical situation I have seen in my last 2 recessions. Companies buy companies and the artist is often the loser. Having just learned about my friend, I was informed that one of my favorite clients had just been bought by another company as well! I was all set to see a huge chunk of my income go away when I got a call from said client and was booked for a job! Wow! That was close. The company I just shot for was Sensible Portions. I have written about them before. I just love them. They have been bought by Hain-Celestial. Hain-Celestial is one great company. The owner seeks out healthy companies, buys them and leaves them alone to do what they do best. Trust me: a company like that is very rare. If my year turns around I may just have to buy stock in this rare, awesome company. It's always better to work for nice people. I'm thankful Sensible Portions is still a client.

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