Monday, December 26, 2011

My busiest month yet!

December has been super busy. I am still grateful for my cheese client who has continued to need photography despite the continuing worldwide recession. Their Cello brand is working on a new website and requires many images for support. We have been shooting new product shots and other supporting objects, but the real fun is the many recipes that need to be shot. The team included the client Melissa, the food stylist Marie Haycox, and me. The three of us make a terrific team. Melissa brought all of the props and art directed the shots, Marie made each of the recipes look awesome, so all I had to do was light and focus each different shot. I believe that I am done for 2011 but have already been booked to shoot more in 2012. We are even going to shoot video (a first paid video shoot) so I've got an editor ready to go. Maybe things are beginning to turn around....

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