Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cello Slow-Cooker Creations: Behind-the-Scenes

This is a video that I shot and edited for my beloved cheese client Arthur Schuman. It just shows you that while a commercial photographer today has to be an expert at lighting and Photoshop, we now also have to know video shooting and editing. These all have to be an available part of a commercial photographer's tool box today. 
This video shows the "behind the scene" shoot of football/Superbowl recipes that will appear on the Cello Cheese Facebook page and web site this January. I shot the recipes over three days with my favorite food stylist Marie Haycox and in my free time I captured video and stills of the shoot in progress. Under my clients directions I cut the video and stills together into a cute video to herald the coming football season recipes. Enjoy! (thanks Melissa, Brenda, Deb and Marissa)

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