Saturday, April 25, 2020


I am a man most blessed. While I, like others, have had to put off shooting for a while, I do have 2 new clients that came during this crazy time. To that end I am playing around with my newish Godox lights. It's just amazing. Three V1's fit in one little bag and the 400 w/s SK400 fits in its own small case. Compare that to the 2400w/s Speedotrons I used to lug around. These 2 shots were captured at 1/250th f/22 and ISO of 100. Just one V1 with a grid and the 400 over the top in an Octabox. The shot on the left is the bank on it's own and the one on the right has added the V1 with the grid. The way I used to do this was with an Elinchrom spotlight 3000 and a Speedotron off the ceiling. Even turned down all the way I often had to use a 2 stop ND just to get open to 22. It's good to know that this is all going to work out well. I'm ready (aren't we all) let go back to work!

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