Friday, August 14, 2009

This is only a test...

This is a test for a new client. They make desserts that are sold all over the place. Nick (the new client) is related in some way to the owners of one of my other food clients. This is how my business works. I work hard to keep my current clients happy and feeling safe so that they will bring me new work and new clients that they know. Nick has no idea what my dessert photography looks like so we agreed and he dropped off one dessert for me to use for a test. I shot the yummy cake with lots of detail, stripped it off the background and then put it on 4 different backgrounds so he could see what is possible.
This is how we survive in this crazy business. We go beyond to impress and win over new clients and work just as hard to keep our current clients happy. You need them both: happy current clients and happy new clients. It's the only way to stay in business this long.
When I say work hard, realize that it's not like digging ditches (I've done that too). No, it's staying focused on perfection while enjoying the people involved.

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