Friday, June 27, 2008

Cold drinks

This shot was another recipe, this time for a healthy shake. The set had to include "healthy" looking props and the drink had to look refreshing. I think it worked out well and this is how we did it.
We did more than this one shot this day, so we had a food stylist working on all of the recipes, prop stylist to bring in a selection of healthy props and glasses, an assistant to do a lot and a photographer.
On this shot, the foodstylist had to create the actual drink, affix the drops to the glass and ready the fruit to put on the edge of the glass. If this was the only shot for the day, I might have attempted to style it myself, but it was a busy day for her.
This image was lit with a regular strobe head with a very large reflector, covered with diffusion material. This creates a pleasant blend of hard yet soft light. It also lights the drops on the glass. The wall behind the glass was lit by an optical spot with a cookie shaped like a venetian blind inside. The optical spot allows us to control how focused the "blind look" will be. A little soft seems to be right.
Put it all together and you have a shot that sells the products that are needed to make the recipe.

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