Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ice Cream 2

This shot varies from the former in that it is packaging for frozen sherbet. We did three flavors during the shoot day. This is rainbow sherbet. It took a strong armed Nir Adar to do these shots. I include the small shot in the corner so you can see how we did the shot and then how it looks in the packaging.
Like I said, this job used Nir, an artist in food and a man with arms strong enough to scoop ice cream all day. We had a client (Andie) who worked as art director as well and me. No assistant this time. It was a fun day.
Nir Adar, in addition to being strong enough to scoop ice cream all day, is also patient enough to scoop sherbet all day. While high fat content ice cream scoops beautifully, sherbet is sort of gooey and sticky and it can be frustrating to be the sherbet food stylist. In the small inset shot, you can see the rig that Nir built for this job. He hot glued a small saucer onto a mug and that became the table for the sherbet. I think that Nir invented the dry ice scoop method of ice cream styling. I'll go into more detail on that in the next entry.
This shot was lit in exactly the same way as the former entry with the cone. A regular strobe head with a huge, translucent covered reflector, was positioned overhead and a little bit back. The front was filled, and that's it. I just move the light around until everyting looks great.

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