Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ice Cream 1

I think I've come up with three entries for ice cream. This image looks like an ice cream shot, but it is really a packaging shot for the cones. That being the case, the ice cream is fake. When we shoot for ice cream packaging, it has to be real ice cream. When we shoot for cone packging or any shot where the ice cream is not the product we're selling, fake ice cream is okay. It requires a massive arm to style real ice cream. My favorite stylist Alyssa is not massive in any way. Therefore, she doesn't do real ice cream, but she did do this shot and has a great recipe for fake ice cream.
The day we did this shot, we had a client, designer with a layout, food stylist and photographer. We are all friends and it was a great day.

Alyssa does a great fake ice cream. It's a matter of confectioner's sugar and a few other ingredients and it looks great. It's her job to scoop it in such a way that she gets the nice ridges on the ball, and then pieces the "beard" around the ball. It looks natural and sells the cones.

Okay, it's not so much about the lighting this time. We light ice cream with a regular strobe head with the huge reflector which is covered with translucent material. That and a fill card is basically an ice cream light. No, for this package job, we needed 4 different cones, but we only had the original tan one. What do we do? Why, we're expert retouchers as well since we've been digital since 1994 so we just changed the color of the tan cone and made it red, brown and green as well.
This is modern day food photography.

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